In No More Anarchy


Appears in

  • Forsaken Arc
  • Justice Arc
  • Infinite Arc
  • Reckoning Arc
  • Revelation Arc
  • Deception Arc
  • Juggernaut Arc
  • Redemption Arc
  • Fusion Arc


Family Members




K/F and M/L



Calamity Trigger




  • Violent/Blue (Normal)
  • Pink/Blue (Trans)
  • Black/White (Hinami)
  • Red/White (Ace Savvy)


  • Blue/Violent (Normal)
  • Pink/Black (Corpus)
  • Black/Purple (Ayato)
  • Red/Black (Bradley)



  • Arata II (Hero): Fall under the Black Moth's Wing.
  • Arata II (Hero): I will hold that power, Papa
  • Arata II (Vigilante): Protect Me, Mama.
  • Arata II (Vigilantes): Boss, let me handle this.

Soul Exchange

Offering: Get to the Top, for my offering from my RC.

Pure Gift: I'm going to finished this for the world's power!

Good Influence: The movement is growing, thank you!

Power-Up: Let's go Savvy with the Black Moth's Wing Raise.

Evil Influence: ...Forgive me if you lose your life.

Beast Unleashed: Welcome to my own little world!

Intro Dialogue (Hero)


  • Arata II: Kitty-chan! Oh, the joy of fighting like this!

Vs. Self

  • Arata II: Twin? Clone? Love?
  • Arata II: Is this the real one?
  • Arara II: Or it's just fantasy! You decide! :D

Vs. Katsuki

  • Arata II: You son of a bitch!
  • Katsuki: What can I say, heroes always win!
  • Arata II: I wanna be one, too! :D

Vs. Haise

  • Arata II: Boi! You're not Uncle Kaneki!
  • Haise: I am Haise, and I don't remember you...
  • Arata II: Look like his wife is free then! :D

Vs. Touka

  • Arata II: Oh my gosh! Kaneki's Wife.
  • Touka: You know I'm your father's sister, right?
  • Arata II: I wanna rub your thigh like butter! :D

Vs. Hinami

  • Arata II: I don't wanna do this...
  • Hinami: It's OK, my child, fighting is a form of art.
  • Arata II: Mommy! The Kids are having sex again! :D

Vs. Renji

  • Arata II: Am I special, uncle?
  • Renji: Yes. But this battle will be a test for your power.
  • Arata II: I love you forever! :D

Vs. Akira

  • Arata II: The Joker arrive for the Killing Joker.
  • Akira: Still being an amateur punk.
  • Arata II: Please don't steal my jelly! :D

Vs. Lincoln

  • Arata II: The comic book hero.
  • Lincoln: I'm shocked you can still be positive about me.
  • Arata II: I wanna dye my hair white soon! :D

Vs. Ayato

  • Arata II: Otō-san!
  • Ayato: Promise me to don't do easy on me, kids.
  • Arata II: Please spank me, daddy! :D

Vs. Luan

  • Arata II: The killing joke has arrived.
  • Luan: Wow, an comedy gold for my gimmick.
  • Arata II: Please sit on my face, Louds! :D

Vs. Yuya

  • Arata II: I heard you're a Urolagnia?
  • Yuya: W-Why do you even know that?
  • Arata II: My sister was a bed-wetter! :D

Vs. Rupert

  • Arata II: I'm sorry, but you look at mama pretty funny.
  • Rupert: Ha, man, I'm taken! I'm not going to steal her away. o-o
  • Arata II: Liar gets eaten to death! :D

Vs. Octavia

  • Arata II: An challenge of insanity! I like it!
  • Octavia: I meet sub-human, but not ghouls like this.
  • Arata II: Did you know I'm your nephew-in-law now? :D

Vs. Thanos

  • Arata II: Infinity War don't happen as long as I have that Gauntlet!
  • Thanos: You can't master the power of the gods!
  • Arata II: But I don't feel so good! :D

Intro Dialogue (Vigilante)


  • Arata II: ...Batter Up.

Vs. Self

  • Arata II: I want nothing with my clone anymore.
  • Arata II: Quick, let's revive Leslie Nielsen.
  • Arata II: That's so 1994.

Vs. Deku (1)

  • Arata II: Deku-chan! I always wanted the payoff for your failure.
  • Deku: Please, Arata...we can revive your mother soon.
  • Arata II: That's not going to stop the League of Villains, fucker!

Vs. Deku (2)

  • Arata II: You acted the same way if your mother and All Might died...
  • Deku: That's not going to happen if heroes remind alive.
  • Arata II: You're so black and white with your story, Deku-chan.

Vs. Shoto

  • Arata II: Those that lose power have to give way to those that have it, buddy.
  • Shoto: We're on the same way of gift, punk!
  • Arata II: But at way cost!

Vs. Tomura 1

  • Arata II: SHIGARAKI!!!
  • Tomura: Into the Boss Level, the Midway Boss.
  • Arata II: My family ain't a bunch of replacement shell!

Vs. Tomura 2

  • Arata II: Well did your Trigger Happy death came ended!
  • Tomura: Well One For All is erased, you know, Deku.
  • Arata II: It's been your blood that draws first!

Vs. Kaneki

  • Arata II: Sparing those CCG guys was the worse decision you made since reviving Rize.
  • Kaneki: Your parent would disagree, so please return back home.
  • Arata II: Just bury me in the ground with the other ghouls that shamelessly murder.

Vs. Akechi

  • Arata II: We fell under the same cruse of Scarecrow's Fear Toxic.
  • Akechi: Yeah, I'm on the same side from you about deep loss, young Arata.
  • Arata II: That's why did you try to take away mine...

Vs. Arima

  • Arata II: Your tears of regret ain't going to take back the life you have stole!
  • Arima: Is that any type to talk reasonably about the past.
  • Arata II: Just bury me in the ground with the other ghouls that shamelessly murder.

Vs. Madame Odius

  • Arata II: I don't let you get the chance of facing Shigaraki before me.
  • Odius: On fuck, look like we got a badass over here.
  • Arata II: You never understand loose!

Vs. Rick 1

  • Arata II: Explain how you can deal with painful losses.
  • Rick: Dude, if you like, I can take you into another dimension and whatever.
  • Arata II: My family ain't a bunch of replacement shell!

Vs. Rick 2

  • Arata II: I would trade anything to develop during pregnancy.
  • Rick: The hell are you going on about, that Junior movie?
  • Arata II: It's involved my mother's pain.