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In Universe of Lawl

Asfer Goldbullet is the daughter of Jeff Goldbullet and Anny Wong. She was made after Jeff raped Anny Wong long ago before Jeff turned to good. She was born when Anny was pressured after Alley anger when Seth burned her trophy.

Asfer almost had a rough past as after Anny committed suicide after Rash insult, She was later abandoned by Ryuji and was left to be alone until she was founded by Jeff, Who promise to give her a better childhood then Jeff had. Thou it was not easy as Jeff lost his life some time as Asfer been now in Enforcer care. When Jeff was revived, He vow to stop Jerrod II to make sure Asfer don't get abused by him like Kurt did with Athena. Jeff won in promise after Asfer reach a grown age, Jeff would leave in hope Asfer is safe. Jeff then left to live in Yeager as Asfer is now at Highschool where She spend time with Stanley Abobo, Keeping Asfer on speed-dial if She ever need him again.

Asfer always try to stay on the right road which involve not being part of fights and try not to get to trouble.

During one point of class after making potion, Rosey accidentally knock one on Asfer breast, Making them grow at an alarming rate till her breast stop growing.

Appears in

Main Story

  • The Enforcer Saga
  • Jerrod II Saga

Side Story

  • ???

What-If Story

  • ???

Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • Jeff Goldbullet (Biological Father)
  • Anny Wong (Mother)
  • Ryuji Wong (Half-Brother)
  • Stanley Abodo (Husband)
  • Jarah Abodo (Newborn Son)
  • John Abodo (Newborn Son)
  • Honey Abodo (Newborn Daughter)
  • Britney the 2nd (Newborn Daughter)
  • Amy Abodo (Newborn Daughter)