BWM Championship

The BWM World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship owned by Brutal Wresting Madness (B.W.M.). It is currently the highest ranked championship in BWM.

Wrestler: Times: Location: Notes:
Mino 1 BWM Defeated Wally Ryan in a Triple Threat, along with North of the Anarchist
Vacate BWM Mino vacate the title due to his retirement.
Jeff Hardy 3 Trauma Danger Win the Vacate Title Match in a TLC Match against Broden Walkers.
Broden Walkers 4 Silent Winters Defeated Jeff Hardy in 6-on-6 tag team match with Team Hardy vs. The Anarchist
Hercules Anarchy 1 BWM Defeated Broden Walkers in a Fatal-4-Way Match against with Edward Anarchy and Fly During his regins, he united the BTE World Title.
Vacate BWM Hercules vacate the title due to his retirement
Xavier Cass 1 Trauma Danger Win the vacate title in a TLC match against Wolf Reaper, Edward Anarchy, and Claus Hawkin
Hercules Anarchy 2 Lockout Defeated Xavier in a Hell in a Cell match involving Seth Rollins under Ultimate Sacrifices: had Seth lose, he lose his Money in a Bank contact, and Hercules lose, he lose the custody of Athena Anarchy
Kurt Anarchy 1 Lockout Hercules use Opinion T to gave his title to his younger brother: Kurt.
Justin Sawday (The Enforcers) 1 Starmania Defeated Kurt Anarchy after his match with Crimson Knox
Edward Anarchy 1 BWM Defeated Justin Sawday
Justin Sawday (The Enforcers) 2 BWM Defeated Edward Anarchy in a Six-man tag team match with The Enforcers having Jessie and Black and Edward having Zeus and Cory Anarchy
Xavier Cass 2 Doomdays Defeated Justin Sawday in a Title in a Pole match; since Justin lose, the Nightmare Orb taken by Patricia the Skunk is safe. had Xavier lose, The Enforcers will destroyed the Nightmare Orb.
Vacate 0 Golden Night After Xavier Cass vs. Kurt Anarchy ended in No Contest; Xavier was murder by the hand of Jason Voorhees.
Steven the Third (The Enforcers) 1 PayDay Use Alex's Title Contact during the vacate Title Match with Crow and Greyson.
Vacate BWM After the Enforcers's dissolved, Steven III would surrender the BWM's Title to The Royal Family.
Rick the Crocodile 1 Hectare Festival Awarded by Steven III and the retirement Kurt Anarchy.
Reiko Hinomoto 1 BWM Defeated Rick in a Three-Way Elimination Match, involving Crow.
Wiz Banana 1 Summerfeast