In No More Anarchy


Appears in

  • Justice Arc
  • Infinite Arc
  • Reckoning Arc
  • Revelation Arc
  • Deception Arc
  • Juggernaut Arc
  • Redemption Arc
  • Fusion Arc


Family Members



Calamity Trigger



  • Katsuki: I'll freaking kill you!

Soul Exchange

Offering: Make sure you win with my Explosion Quirk, bastard!

Pure Gift: Now this offering can even surpass the legendary All Might!

Good Influence: Damnit, I feel kinda warmed as fuck...

Power-Up: Stop talking. I will win.

Evil Influence: This Evil Power...whatever, nothing's ever gonna change me.


Intro Dialogue


Katsuki: King Explosion! Katsuki Bakugo! Remember that!

Vs. Self

Katsuki: It's that Phantom Thief again!

Katsuki: Phantom Thief. I'm the real deal, faker!

Katsuki: Then it's that fucker clones from Anti-verse!

Vs. Deku

Katsuki: Deku! It's been forever since we were together.

Deku: Are you're nicer to me, then?

Katsuki: I would, but I did promise to surpasses even All Might!

Vs. Shoto

Katsuki: Icy-Hot! No more Weak Excuses!

Shoto: I wouldn't fail this time.

Katsuki: If that power can get rid of that...rat smell out of me!

Vs. Jacob

Katsuki: We never really face each other before, not even in Brax's Tournament.

Jacob: But this is the time, student.

Katsuki: I don't disappoint!

Vs. Tomura

Katsuki: Can't stand morons like you who can't get to the damned point!

Tomura: That right, you're not welcome in my group anymore!

Katsuki: You see why the League of Villains has always been a joke.

Vs. Original Nomu

Katsuki: Three Years since the USJ Incident and I still remember your ugly ass!

Nomu: *Roar*

Vs. Guila

Katsuki: Your power scream copycat! And I hate it!

Guila: The Holy Knights Power can always outmatch a hot heated foe like you.

Katsuki: For the record, I was born with this awesome power before you! >:(