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About Her in World of Lawl

Kindness is the daughter of Steven Star and Launch, As well as the twin sister of Rashful. She repentance Launch Nicer Side, Being extremely innocent with a child-like caring heart.

She mainly the weakest member of the family who don't want to solve anything through fighting or getting involve in trouble. She was in deep sorrow when Steven left everyone, Making her sister be by her side to help her out till Steven came back.

However, Steven changed again during the Empire War while Kindness was protecting Maya Star and Stocking. Trying to help Steven, She was attacked through Dark Steven anger and ran in fear as Dark Steven later joined the Enforcer.

Feeling down and hiding after Rashful was killed in battle, She come across Gingka Storm who cheered her up and made her feel well. Because of this, She agreed to start a family with him. It happened one night before She learned of Rashful revived after she was knocked into a painful coma from Dark Steven during the Symbiote War. She surprisingly got Rashful out of a coma.

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