• Bone Sword (Papyrus) - 50 Damage
  • Gaster Blaster (Sans) - 80 Damage
  • Bone Launch - 40 Damage
  • Poison Bone (Sans) - 60 Damage

Super Attacks

  • Regular Attack (Papyrus) - 130 Damage
  • Evil Eye Special Attack (Sans) 600 Damage

In Universe of Lawl

Papyrus and Sans, Known as the Skeleton Brothers, Are servent of the Royal Family and willing to defend it. Much like in Undertale, Papyrus is mostly the strict person who take his job serious, While Sans is more of a comic relief and lazy, Even despite the fact that he hold an evil power that show whenever his evil eye glow. Despite both of them having different personality, They care for each other very much and even defend each other, Mainly Sans with Papyrus.

Papyrus best thing, As pointed out by him, Is that he's an amazing Speghetti cooker.

Some nights ago, Sans had suffer a horrible nightmare(caused by Razor). The nightmare invovle Papyrus insulting Sans in stating him as useless, Only to killed by Razor. Sans coward in fear before Razor attack him as well, Waking him up screaming as his head burning and his eye glowing in terror and fear, Only for Papyrus to help cheer Sans up, Promising to be there for Sans as Sans promise to protect Papyrus, Letting his power out whenever anyone harm Papyrus.

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