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About Her in World of Lawl

Rashful is the daughter of Steven Star and Launch, As well as the twin sister of Kindness. She repentance Launch Aggressive Side, Being the strong bad girl with alot of attitude and anger problems.

She mainly ride a bike around town while holding a biker chain as one of her weapons. Thou while she hard to care for, She mainly supportive to her family, As example being by Kindness side and helping Steven get out of his darker form before.

Rashful been through alot of battles through her time, Including the battle against the Empire which she lost her lifes afterward. However, She later become a monster when a Symbiote cover her body. She was later defeated and revived only to get attacked by Dark Steven who see her as a weak person who get killed easily. This put her in a coma only to quickly get out of it from Kindness.

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