In No More Anarchy


Appears in

  • Forsaken Arc
  • Justice Arc
  • Infinite Arc
  • Reckoning Arc
  • Revelation Arc
  • Deception Arc
  • Juggernaut Arc

Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • Rafael Salazar (father)
  • Violeta Salazar (mother)
    • Caesar Salazar (older brother)
  • Abuela (adoptive grandmother)



Calamity Trigger



  • Rex: Ha! Like look I'm back from my daily job!
  • Rex: Time to be Awesome again!
  • Rex (Bella Control): HAIL BELLA!

Soul Exchange

Offering: The Master's Control is your. Make sure it's good.

Pure Gift: Never felt this from of power since I went Full EVO...

Good Influence: The Omega Power is the started of Revolution!

Power-Up: OK, let's hope the EVOs don't be overdrive

Evil Influence: Damnit, like the Pack haven't cause me headaches!

Beast Unleashed: What the! I'm losing sight!

Intro Dialogue


Rex: The Revolution Being with Rex Salazer! Because I'm Awesome.