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About Him in World of Lawl

Ronald Gat is the twin brother of Sarah Gat and the son of Johnny Gat and Aisha. He is a Former Member of the Enforcer and Professional Gunman like his father.

Ronald Gat is a bad boy who don't care for much unless it resolve in either being part of the team or protecting Sarah. He left the Enforcer after he was killed by Alex Vesa after the battle against Lao Tsung and Outworld when He was injured in battle. After getting revived, He planned on defeating Alex after what he did. After fighting with him in a cave, Ronald sent some words on Alex that He shouldn't get killed after helping him out. This allow Ronald and Alex to end their feud.

Ronald Gat later agreed to fight off some of Vek army but was defeated and killed in a Car Explosion to Sarah horror. His body was later on scrapped into metal and turn into a robotic clone along with Sarah. He was then destroyed soon after.

His Metal Part reformed and Ronald and Sarah revived to their normal self, Helping the others fight and kill Final when He was covered in symbiote.

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