In No More Anarchy


Appears in

  • Justice Arc
  • Galaxy Warrior Arc
  • Infinite Arc
  • Reckoning Arc
  • Revelation Arc
  • Deception Arc
  • Juggernaut Arc
  • Redemption Arc
  • Fusion Arc

Friends and Enemies

Family Members

  • Priest (caretaker)
  • Sister Lily (caretaker)
  • Yuri (wife)
    • Daughter
    • Soma Vermillion (adoptive son)



Calamity Trigger



  • Yuno: Sylph! Assist ME
  • Yuno: I'll become the Wizard King.

Soul Exchange

Offering: Take this offering, from the knife offer from love.

Pure Gift: I don't fail with you on my side.

Good Influence: We're survive! As long as we never give up!

Power-Up: This powers will aim in our victory.

Evil Influence: No way! Why!

Beast Unleashed: A-Asta!

Intro Dialogue


Yuno: The quest set by me! To become the Magic King!

Vs. Self

Yuno: What is this?

Yuno: I am Yuno, The Mage of Golden Dawn!

Yuno: Or is it's Black Bulls's Grey...

Vs. Arata II (V)

Yuno: Don't you care about the people you rescue...

Arata II: Your family never suffer those bounty hunters fucker.

Yuno: Clearly you don't understand the life of a commoner...

Vs. Hiro

Yuno: You served Monika...after all the causes she did.

Hiro: Let it's go, Yuno...

Yuno: Yuri didn't deserve her death.

Vs. Asta

Yuno: We're finally cross path, Asta.

Asta: Never give up, Yuno! That's the goal of rivalry!

Yuno: ...Beautiful.

Vs. Aerrow

Yuno: Your power of wind riding, it's..beautiful...

Aerrow: It's the power of the Sky Knight!

Yuno: I must know about them, now.

Vs. Dabi

Yuno: Please this, before people get hurt.

Dabi: The Hero Killer's words will be a reality soon.

Yuno: He's not going to outmatch the Golden Dawn.

Vs. Himiko

Yuno: Your appear digested me...

Himiko: Don't worry, I open you up brutality with my knife!

Yuno: ...Crawling in my skins.

Vs. Spinner

Yuno: Don't you regret the life you taken away.

Shuichi: Every death matter to create an better world.

Yuno: Two Words: Sister Lily!

Vs. Icy

Yuno: Do you side with the Eye of the Midnight Sun?

Icy: No, but the Trix are more deadly than Catherine.

Yuno: The Sins of an Frozen Heart.